Wet weather info Sun Feb 16 (11am update)
Date of Event Mercantile Cricket Association: Sun Feb 16, 2020 11:01AM


Play is abandoned at Crawford (A Sunday) and Loughnan.


Games are delayed to 2pm and reduced to 70 overs at Corben, FP1, FP3 (Cordner), FP5, Koornang and Walker West.


The C Sunday game at Ormond Park will now start at normal time of 12.30.

The C South game at Treyvaud is moved to Brens Oval, starting 2pm (70 overs).

The C South game at TH King is moved to Crawford, starting 3pm (60 overs). 

The D Sunday game at Newmarket is moved to Flemington Rd Oval, starting 2pm (70 overs).

The D South game at Centenary is moved to Surrey Park, starting 2pm (70 overs, Monash to supply tea.)


Players should turn up for the normal start time at all other grounds. 


Covers and pegs must be put away after play and tables roped off. CSU is on storage duty at Fawkner Park.

Last updated: Saturday February 22, 2020 7:44PM
Author: Alec Kahn