Vets scramble home over Under-21s
Date of Event Mercantile Cricket Association: Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:03PM

The MCA Veterans side has scrambled home by three wickets against the Under-21s to take out a hard-fought annual Australia Day match.


On a very slow Fawkner Park 5 outfield, the Under-21s got through a testing opening spell from Singleton and Yoosuf to reach 1-43 after 14 overs.  Gupta's frustrating slow-medium inswing produced a run-out and a catch to briefly halt progress, but Shepherd and Reid picked up the tempo despite sharp turn from off-spinner Chawla to get to 3-70 in the 21st. A brilliant direct-hit run-out by Yoosuf broke the stand, and leg-spinner Rando cut a swathe through the middle order, grabbing three in his first three overs to have the Under-21s reeling at 7-77 in the 26th. Rando and left-arm spinner Moore put the brakes on completely, conceding just 10 in the next eight overs as Cumming and Murphy dug in. Another direct hit run-out by Irving made it 8-89 but lusty hitting by no.11 Khandelwel got the Under-21s to 119, a defendable total in the heavy going. 


It looked a mountain after five overs as a fierce opening spell by Crook reduced the Vets to 3-4. Sandri and Irving dug in, inching the score to 3-27 in the 18th before a mix-up on an Irving cover-drive saw Sandri run-out by Rose'Meyer's sharp throw.  A half-century stand between Irving and Kahn got the Vets back on track, with Irving severe on the spinners before departing for an excellent 42 to make it 5-77 in the 35th. Singleton clapped on the pace with some big hits, and at 5-103 after 38, the Vets seemed to have the game under control. Medium-pacer Ammaar Khan had other ideas, capping an excellent spell with a double-wicket maiden. But neat placements and sharp running by Chawla and Kahn got the Vets home safely with three wickets to spare after an absorbing battle.   





J.CROOK      (Flem) c Rando b Yoosuf       7

C.SMITH      (Donv) run out (Craig/Kahn   16

A.ATHITHTHAN (Tig)  c Craig b Gupta       15

J.SHEPHERD+  (NBal) run out (Yoosuf)       9

T.REID       (Tig)  b Rando               18

B.McDONALD   (Tig)  b Rando                0

M.ROSE'MEYER (Boro) c Gupta b Rando        6

W.CUMMING*   (Gunb) b Singleton            7

T.MURPHY     (EMT)  run out (Irving)      10

S.PEMMARAJU  (YP)   st Kahn b Moore        4

V.KHANDELWEL (Donv) not out               21

A.KHAN       (CarU) dnb

Extras (b 1 lb 1 w 5)                      7

ALL OUT (44.2 overs) FOR                 119


FOW: 19(Crook) 43(Smith) 44(Athiththan) 

70(Shepherd) 71(Reid) 72(McDonald) 77(Rose'Meyer)

89(Murphy) 96(Pemmeraju) 119(Cumming)


Bowling            O   M   W    R

W.Singleton        7.2 1   1   19

R.Yoosuf           5   -   1   13

A.Chawla           8   1   -   30

G.Gupta            6   -   1   21

S.Moore            9   3   1   24

S.Rando            9   4   3   10





B.CUNNINGHAM (EmH)  c Shepherd b Crook      1

M.BOTTRELL   (Carn) c Khandelwel b Crook    1

G.CRAIG      (SY)   c Rose'Meyer b Crook    1

S.SANDRI     (Gunb) run out

                    (Rose'Meyer/Shepherd)   8 

M.IRVING     (Burn) lbw Khan               42

A.KAHN*+     (Reds) not out                25

W.SINGLETON  (SacH) c Murphy b Khan        21

R.YOOSUF     (CarU) c Smith b Khan          0

A.CHAWLA     (Carn) not out                12

S.RANDO      (SacH) dnb

S.MOORE      (EMT)  dnb

G.GUPTA      (PH)   dnb

Extras (b 1 lb 2 w 7 nb 1)                 11

7 WICKETS (42.4 overs) FOR                122


FOW: 2(Bottrell) 2(Cunningham) 4(Craig)

27(Sandri) 77(Irving) 103(Singleton)



Bowling            O   M   W    R

V.Khandelwel       8   1   -   21

J.Crook            8   3   3   15

S.Pemmeraju        5   2   -    9

W.Cumming          8.4 2   -   26

A.Athiththan       1   -   -    7

T.Murphy           3   -   -   15

A.Khan             9   2   3   26

Last updated: Saturday February 1, 2020 7:09AM
Author: Alec Kahn