Covers off & inspections required 9.00am Sun
Date of Event Mercantile Cricket Association: Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:03AM

Covers must be removed and inspections done at 9.00am at all grounds with Sunday games. Inspection is mandatory for home sides, and optional for away sides. Covers must be removed from the playing arena and laid out to dry. Wicket tables should be left roped off to prevent damage by the public.


Inspecting sides are required to SMS (not phone) by 9.30am to 0410-938191, stating their ground and whether their view is to start on time, delay to 2.00pm, or abandon. Good drying weather is forecast from late morning onwards. Failure to meet the 9.30am deadline by home sides will result in loss of toss and/or a fine.


Players and umpires should check this website after 10.00am for news of delayed and abandoned games. Fitness of conditions is then in the hands of the umpires and late agreements between captains to abandon will not be accepted.

Last updated: Saturday February 22, 2020 7:48PM
Author: Alec Kahn