Date of Event Mercantile Cricket Association: Wed Mar 6, 2019 2:18PM

MCA FINALS 2018-19

MARCH 9-10  – Semi-finals – 11am start unless otherwise shown

A Grade
Parkville Dist   v
at Brens
Sacred Heartv
 Middle Park 
 at FP3   
A Sun    
Melb Cobras 
v Carnegie
 at Ryder 
 Monash Uni
v Malvern                         at PP4, Caulfield 
A Res 
RP Redsv
 Youlden-P at Walker West(Sat-Sun)
  Parkville Distv Indigos 
 at Walker East  
B Grade
 National           v Parkville Dist at FP5  
  Melb Falcons
v Indigos at FP1   
B Sun
 OCG                v Melb Ramblers            at Crawford
  EMT                v Indigos                          at Waverley Oval 
C North 
 S.Yarrav Gunbower at Como West
  Melb City 
v Maccabi Ajax
 at FP4               (Sat) 
C Sun
 Melb Strikersv Monash Uni   
 at FP1 
  National            v Latrobe CBD     at FP4
C South 
 S.Yarra v Carnegie                       at Como West(Sun) 
  Power House
v Ashwood                   
 at FP5   
D Grade    
 Carnegie           v Barnawartha                at Highett Res #2
  Sacred Heartv S.Yarra
 at FP2(Sat)
 D Sun
 S.Yarra v Maccabi Ajax
 at Como East
v Carnegie                       at Treyvaud(Sun, 12.15pm start)

Side named first is the home side  -- to supply stumps & cones, look after covers, ring in scores.

Sunday home sides on pitches used Sat are to sweep pitch and repaint lines.

Tea: Home side supplies tea day 1, away side day 2 if applicable. Lunch is BYO in two-day finals.

Two-day finals  (A Grade and A Reserve)

Hours of play: 11.00-1.00, 1.30-3.30, 4.00-6.00  (Lunch 1.00-1.30, Tea 3.30-4.00).

At least 100 overs to be bowled each day. At least 15 overs after start of last scheduled hour. Deduct one over for each full four minutes lost due to weather or light in excess of 30 minutes.

No compulsory closures - lower side must win to proceed. New ball may be taken after 80 overs.

One-day finals
Hours of play: 90-over match, half-hour tea between innings

Delayed start: Match overs reduce by 2 for each complete 8 minutes lost in excess of 60 minutes, but not below 70 overs.

Normal  9 over limit per bowler in first innings.

Financial status:  Clubs must be financial to play.  All money owing MUST arrive with Dusty Barnes, PO Box 7165, Melbourne 3004 (mobile 0424-416519), by Thursday's mail, or be deposited to the MCA account by funds transfer by Thursday 11.00am. Penalty - forfeit of finals place.

Fitness of pitches: - Players must turn up; play will NOT be called off via the MCA website. Pitches may be covered before play by Association directive or by advice from the curator. If in use, covers must be laid after first day unless BOTH captains agree to forgo them. Covers are to be removed an hour before play by the home side on each day unless rain is falling. Covers must be put away by the home side after the match, unless directed otherwise by the Match Secretary, and tables roped off at stumps.

Queries regarding finals eligibility -- email the Match Secretary (Alec Kahn) at up to Friday 4.00 pm. MyCricket reports must be completed as usual after all finals. Restricted players must be named to the Match Secretary by Friday 4.00pm.

Umpires' fees:  $160 per team per day.


MARCH 16-17-23 (24 reserve) – Grand finals in A, A Reserve

MARCH 16 – Preliminary final in B, C Nth, D

MARCH 17 – Preliminary final in A Sun, B Sun, C Sun, C Sth, D Sun

MARCH 23 – Grand final in B, C Nth, D (reserve day 24th)          

MARCH 24 – Grand final in A Sun, B Sun, C Sun, C Sth, D Sun (reserve day 31st)

Prelim & Grand final grounds to be selected after semis.


Batting sides are asked to update the MCA Facebook page with a progress score every 10 overs and at breaks. Just reply to the main item with grade, score & overs, eg A Sun: Monash Uni 3-92 (20 overs) v Malvern 7-cc-205 


To play in finals in a team, a player must have played

  1. Six days in the MCA (wash-outs don’t count)AND
  2. At least 50% of his matches in the team or lower BUT

he can play one XI lower than that team, if the club has BOTH sides in the finals and playing on the same weekend. Once he plays a final for the next-lower XI, he can keep playing there.

To work out a player’s eligibility from MyCricket, use “Statistics – Other – Days Played” and “Statistics – Other – Matches Played”  (tick the “Include Abandoned ...” box).

  • Players with fewer than six days played WILL NOT RECEIVE PERMITS.
  • If you have named a sub in any match, it does not count towards finals, but MyCricket MIGHT try to count this. It is the CLUB’S RESPONSIBILITY to correctly discount these games.
  • A player who needs “restricted player” games to qualify can only play as a “restricted player”


  • Substitute fielders in finals must have played at least one MCA game this season, either in the team where they are used, a lower MCA XI, or the club’s next highest MCA XI.
A team with fewer than 11 players qualified to play in a final may use substitute fielders in order to field with 11.

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