Note from the secretary of the MCA
Date of Event : Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:33PM

Note from the secretary of the MCA

As we head into the final stages of the MCA season and into the March finals action, we believe it is pertinent to remind all of the MCA Vibe and what is expected.

Many clubs have had no, or few issues of late, we do appreciate the support you give to the MCA.

May I please urge all committees to read, digest and put in place the measures you deem needed to rid the MCA of poor MCA Vibe actions and take club action re players when and I hope not, if needed.

There have been too many cases in the last few weeks of poor sportsmanship and a lack of respect for umpires and the game in general.

We have had:

- Captains suspended

- Captains stood down from the role

- Captains and teams put on notice

- Players suspended for 1-4 matches, some affecting their other Sat/Sun clubs.

- Suspended sentences handed out

- Umpires approached by captains and players aggressively.

- Over 10 warnings handed out

- Many 5 run penalties handed out on field, some affecting the end result of the match

- Umpires asking to not umpire certain clubs due to lack of enjoyment.

- 3 clubs warned that umpires will not be appointed to their games if poor behaviour continues.


Over 1000 players take the field in the MCA each weekend. Many of these matches are played in great spirit and a huge vote of thanks to those players, captains, umpires and committees. Clubs such as Powerhouse and National have 20+ year records of no reports and fantastic behaviour.

Over the last weeks we have had the following examples:

- Severe failure of some Captains to control player/s and actually defending the poor behaviour to some perceived opinion on the game or an umpires decision.

- Threats of violence to opposition

- Equipment abuse

- Open poor language toward umpires and captains.

- Poor use of the captains' reports to cover up poor player control by teams and captains.

- Over appealing, unnecessary appealing, dissent, lack of respect for opposition and umpires.

With the support of committees at each of the Clubs involved we have been able to resolve all issues.

Moving Forward:

The season on umpires and poor on field behaviour has finished. This new season is an open season on player behaviour and captains' control of teams.

Umpires have been instructed to use the 5 run penalty in a diligent and vigilant manner from here onwards. Captains will be instructed immediately of any issues and play will stop where needed until all understand what is expected. The 5 run penalty will be used as often as needed to control poor actions by captains and players.

Reports will be made as needed, and captains will be held to account from here onwards.

Any player or captain reported from here onwards for proven blatant dissent or disrespect to umpires will be offered suspensions in the first instance and not warnings.

I hope this note allows all to move on, letting cricket do the talking and be the winner for us all. Of course, the many whom play the game as it should be played, indeed have nothing to worry about.

Thanks, to all for their support.

David McNamara 
C/o - MCA Executive.

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