Captains Duties - 2019/20
Date of Event Mercantile Cricket Association: Wed Oct 2, 2019 3:35PM

Captains & Managers duties – Mercantile Cricket Association




  • Check emails Wed-Fri for rescheduled games & covers directions, esp around 4.45pm
  • Report unprepared pitch to 0410-938191 by 8am match day (home clubs with own pitch)



  • Wet weather, check MCA website at  8.15am regarding inspections
  • If inspection needed, inspect at 9.00am. (Home side rep must attend.) SMS your view to 0410-938191 by 9.30. Options are Turn up as usual, Abandon, or No start before 2pm.
  • Check info line or website 10am for covers directions & relocated games  
  • Remove covers (H - 1 hour before game)
  • Set up ground (H) -- provide stumps to ump, put out cones, scoreboard
  • Fill out team sheet for toss, inc provisional players
  • Present match ball to umps, agree drinks breaks before toss



  • Pay umps at tea ($85 per side if one ump, $140 per side if two. For T20s: $50 per side if one ump, $80 per side if two. No play – umps get $50 each if at ground, regardless of format.)
  • Arrange drinks, tea (H)





  • SMS scores by 6.45 to 0410-938191 (H)  - inc grade, 50s, 5-fors by both sides. Team batting first should be named first. Include wickets, ie 6-149 not just 149.
  • (H) Put covers down if required, or away. Rope off table. See overleaf for FP requirements.At FP, fold each cover and hessian as per scorebook directions. Leave with pegs at edge of ground closest to Sth Pav for rostered storage team to collect.
  • Read & sign ump's report




  • Register new players
  • Fill in scores & “captain's report on umpires” on MyCricket



  • Abandoning a game – don’t be hasty, 5 hours is lots of drying time, can start 3pm

  • Starting on wet deck or table  - don't push for it - 1 divot an over is too much

  • Playing thru rain - don't do it. Cover the pitch and table. Don’t trash it for an extra two overs.


  • Home side – repair any divots after play by tapping firmly around edges with bat. Do NOT fill with foreign substance.

  • Juniors spoiling pitch – take photos of the damage (Schools will use FP1-2-4 some of the season)



Each FP-based club is rostered once for covers-laying per XI & twice for covers storage


Laying covers:

  • Hessian on pitch, then single-pitch cover over it, with 6-8 pegs.
  • Then two large covers over the top, to cover most/all of table.
  • Cover lower half of table first, pegged all the way round every third hole. (Tables on MCA-hired grounds are lower on the west side except Walker East.)
  • Then cover higher half, overlapping other cover by at least a metre and held down on overlap by weights (eg sandbags).

Putting away covers:

  • At FP, home sides must roll up each cover into tight barrel shape as shown in scorebook.
  • Leave at edge of ground closest to Southern Pavilion, together with folded hessian and pegs in ammo box, for rostered storage club to collect.

Storage club:

  • Must collect covers/hessian/pegs on trolleys and store neatly in covers room.
  • If not folded properly or pegs left out, photograph the problem and fix it.
  • Send photos to match secretary. Offending club will be fined $20 per cover or peg-set that has to be rectified, and storage club reimbursed for labour.
  • Storage club will be fined for each cover not put away in covers room in correct barrel shape to fit on trolley next time.





  • Doubling up players (1) -- A player can play in two equal grades, eg CSth and CSun, on a weekend. 
  • Doubling up players (2) -- A player can play in two unequal grades, eg BSat and CSun, on a weekend, if 2/3 of his games beforehand have been at the lower level, totalled over this season and last season
  • Forfeit -- must be done via Match Sec, not via opponent

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