Umpire Fees 2017/18

Umpires are to be paid during the tea break.

Umpires shall be paid the following amounts:

Where there is only one umpire in attendance - $160 (to be split between the two teams ie. $80 per team),

Where there are two umpires in attendance - $130 (each team to pay one umpire),

T20 matches- 2 umpires $80 each. 1 umpire $100 ($50 from each team).

Where there is no play, but players and umpires have reported to ground as per instructions on the MCA website/wet weather line - $50 per umpire (each team to pay one umpire), including T20 matches.

Finals and representative matches - $150 (each team to pay one umpire)

Where play is called off on the MCA website on or before 10am on Matchday - no fees due.

Note: The umpires are entitled to full payment as soon as play starts or whenever they are required to remain at the ground until 3:20pm to adjudicate on the playing conditions.