Mercantile Cricket Association - Records


MCA RECORDS as known at 26 October 2014.
Pre-2010 records compiled by Simon Phillips.  
Please contact Alec Kahn if you have more information
Highest Innings
Myer Emporium              512                                                                 1935-36
ANZ Bank                   532       A grade                                                   1960-61
Highest Innings in Finals
Parkville District         506       v Indigos       in SF      B Grade at Walker East         2012-13
Vic Tamils                 492       v South Yarra   in SF )    B Grade at FP1                 2006-07           
Vic Tamils                 406       v Reds          in GF )
Burnley CYMS               431       v Youlden Parkv in GF      A Grade at FP3 (Cordner)       2014-15
Parkville District       7-428       v Yarra-United  in GF      A Grade at Brens               2016-17
Burnley CYMS               420       v South Yarra   in GF      B grade at Ross Straw 1        2000-01
Grand Final Comebacks
Burnley CYMS 36 and 139 def Hydro Flow 88 and 54, after being 6 for 7 off 10 overs on the
first morning of the match  (see ‘Herald Sun x March 2010)      D grade at FP2                 2009-10
1000 Runs in a Day by a club’s XIs
Yarra Park                                                                                     1994-95
Double Centuries
R Lawson          212*     Dunlop Engineers                                                    1925-26
D Hamilton        227      Myer Emporium v Shell Co (220 mins 29 4s 5 6s chanceless)  GF       1935-36
A Rundell         213      Metropolitan Gas Company Meter Department                           1937-38
R Scriven         219      T B Guest (see ‘The Age’ 5 November 1938)                           1938-39
D Drew            203*     Australian General Electric                                         1940-41
R McRoberts       206*     A G Healing                                                         1964-65
Peter Nicholson   204*     Yarra Park v National Bank             C grade at FP1               1994-95
Andrew Mack       221*     Yarra Park                             C grade at FP5               1995-96
David Miller      214*     Power House v MHSOB                    A grade at Cordner           2000-01
Bill Northby      238*     Burnley CYMS v Power House             B grade at Straw 1           2000-01
John Eaton        203*     Sacred Heart v Chilli Dogs             A grade at FP2               2003-04
Grant Stockwell   200*     Moorabbin Park v Burnley CYMS          B grade at FP2               2004-05
Roger Sevenhuysen 202*     Carnegie v Monash Gryphons             A grade at Koornang Pk       2007-08
George Hope       243      Barnawartha North v Burnley CYMS       D grade at Herring           2008-09
George Hope       292      Barnawartha North v Monash Gryphons    D grade at FP1               2008-09
Gurpreet Khair    237      Burnley CYMS v Sacred Heart            A grade GF at FP6 (2nd inn)  2008-09
Robert Bentley    213      Bentleigh v Parkville District         C grade GF at Bentleigh      2012-13
Francois Dutoit   212*     Parkville District v Sacred Heart      C grade at Walker East       2014-15
Nakul Kedar       217      Melbourne City v South Yarra           D grade at Como East         2014-15
Andrew Houtas     215      Sacred Heart v Monash Uni              D grade SF at FP2            2014-15
Abhilash Sharma   208*     Emmanuel South Oakleigh v South Yarra  A grade at Como East         2015-16
Mayank Srivastava 204      Carnegie v Maccabi Ajax                A Sunday at Koornang Pk      2016-17
Chris Thomson     238*     Parkville District v Yarra-United      A grade GF at Brens          2016-17

Century in Each Innings of a Grand Final

W Lumsden                  ANZ Bank                               A grade                      1959-60
Century in a Grand Final
Swift             120      Myer Emporium v Associated Tobacco     A grade                      1929-30
Paul Critchley    112*     Coles Myer v Yarra Park                B grade at FP2               1990-91
Andrew Barden     127* )
Darren Peters     104  )   Prahran Imperials v Richmond City      B grade at FP2               1996-97
Damien Yze        140      Old Haileybury v Yarra Park            A grade at FP1               1997-98
Rohan Schreier    155      Emmanuel South Oakleigh v Power House  A grade at Canterbury        2001-02
Roly Imhoff       149*     South Yarra v Power House              B grade at FP1               2001-02
Anthony Schroder  151*     Gunbower United v Power House          D grade at FP2 (2nd inn)     2003-04
Eric Davies       116      Vic Tamils v Reds                      B grade at FP1               2006-07
Robert Passante   123      Burnley CYMS v Carnegie                A grade at FP6               2007-08
Steve McGinness   100*     Bentleigh v Monash Gryphons            C grade at FP1 (2nd inn)     2007-08
Chris Mitchell    162      Coles Sharks v Gunbower United         C Sunday at FP2 (2nd inn)    2007-08
Gurpreet Khaira   237      Burnley CYMS v Sacred Heart            A grade GF at FP6 (2nd inn)  2008-09
Michael Harrison  101      Hydro Flow v Power House               C grade at FP5               2009-10
Jeff Scotland     170      Power House v Hydro Flow               C grade at FP5               2009-10
Cameron Wakefield 115*     MHSOB v Burnley CYMS                   B grade at Melb HS (2nd inn) 2011-12
Damian Shutie     101      South Yarra v Parkville District       A Grade at Como West         2012-13
Simon Ansell      121      Parkville District v South Yarra       A Grade at Como West         2012-13
Mali Goonetilleke 184      Parkville District v Indigos           A Reserve at Straw 1         2012-13
Robert Bentley    213      Bentleigh v Parkville District         C Grade at Bentleigh         2012-13
George Hope       106*     Barnawartha North v Burnley CYMS       D grade at FP2               2012-13
Martin Blackey    165      Burnley CYMS v Youlden Parkville       A Grade at FP3 (Cordner)     2014-15
Yousaf Iqbal      130      Youlden Parkville v Burnley CYMS       A Grade at FP3 (Cordner)     2014-15
Nathan Green      116      Parkville District v Youlden Parkville A Grade at Brens             2015-16
Chris Thomson     238*     Parkville District v Yarra-United      A Grade at Brens             2016-17
Hari Subramaian   137      Old Camberwell Grammarians v Sth Yarra B Grade at Como W (2nd inn)  2016-17 

336* for 3rd wicket        Burnley CYMS v Power House             B grade at Straw 1           2000-01
                             Bill Northby 238* & Martin Blackey 145*
336  for 2nd wicket        Barnawartha North v Burnley CYMS       D grade at Herring           2008-09
George Hope 243 & Gavin Povolo 172

Most Runs in a Season (inc finals)
John Eaton       1114 @ 65.53          Burnley CYMS              D grade                       2013-14 
Yousaf Iqbal     1052 @ 87.67          Youlden Parkville         A Grade                       2014-15
R Lawson          873 @ 178.60         Dunlop Engineers                                        1925-26
Paul Huxley       839 @ 46.60          Barnawartha North         D grade                       2004-05
Jeff Scotland     833 @ 52.06          Power House               D grade                       2012-13
Jon Whetlor       830 @ 51.88          Sacred Heart              A grade                       2008-09
Ian Robertson     820 @ 54.67          Youlden Parkville         C grade                       2008-09
Gaston Gianfreda  806 @ 73.27          Malvern                   A Sunday                      2015-16
Wayne Wunhym      795 @ 72.27          Coles Sharks              B Sunday                      2013-14            
Troy Cetrola      784 @ 56.00          Coles Sharks              B grade                       2008-09
Paul Critchley    774 @ 51.60          Coles Sharks              B grade                       2008-09
Anthony Dunning   770 @ 55.00          Burnley CYMS              D grade                       2005-06
Vinay Tripathi    757 @ 84.11          Carnegie                  A Reserve                     2013-14
Mike Scott        755 @ 68.64          Power House               A grade                       2003-04
Scott Williams    747 @ 83.00          Glen Iris                 C Sunday                      2008-09
Dilpreet Lamba    745 @ 49.67          Monash Uni Gryphons       C grade                       2007-08
Satwinder Singh   734 @ 45.88          Burnley CYMS              B grade                       2011-12
1000 Runs in a Calendar Year
George Hope      1194 @ 132.67         Barnawartha North         D Grade       Feb 1–Dec 19    2009
                  6 & 15, 243, 51, 292 / 89, 72, 177, 103, 5, 106, 35
Notable Slow Innings
Richard Mitchell  27 in 6 hours off 91 overs.    Reds v Barnawartha North  C grade GF at FP2   1997-98
                  Two 2s off consecutive balls were only scoring shots in morning session.
Damien Cleary     59 in 530 mins off 160 overs.  Vic Tamils v Reds         B grade GF at FP1   2006-07
                  Opened batting and was dismissed at 7-317 on day 3. (see ‘The Age’ 19 March 2007)
Matt Goodwin      56* in 420 mins off 114 overs. Bentleigh v Monash Gryphons C grade GF at FP1 2007-08
                  Carried his bat (plus 51* in 2nd inn) (see ‘The Age’ 13 March 2008)
All Round Performances
Tim Cherry        Sacred Heart v National                         C grade at Straw 1           2007-08
                     78 off 83 balls and 67 off 77 balls, and 4 for 35 and 4 for 36
Jasneet Kohli     Carnegie v Power House                          A grade at Koornang Pk       2007-08
50 and 61, and 8-38 and 6-42 and two run outs.
Ten Wickets in an Innings
Grenness           10-61    CBA v J Kennon & Sons                               A grade        1930-31
H McAnally         10-52    Malvern Star                                                       1940-41
Jack Clarke        10-42    Myer Emporium                                                      1947-48
FJ Baker           10-24    FRS                                                                1948-49
H Parker           10-30    Buckley & Nunn                                                      1957-58
Ray Lloyd          10-14    Myer Emp v Myer 2 (& 4-10) (on hat trick 3 times)   Fawkner Park   1959-60
R McDonald         10-10                                                                       1977-78
David Ellis        10-19    National Bank v Prahran Imperials (inc hat trick)   A grade        1991-92
Brett Stewart      10-44    Burnley v Old Camberwell Grammarians                B grade, FP5   2015-16
Ten Wickets in a Grand Final
Eric Wagg          4-38 & 6-26       Burnley CYMS v Yarra Park         A grade at FP1          1994-95
Bruce Roscrow      2-19 & 8-41       National v South Yarra            B grade at FP1          2003-04
David Gates        8-51 & 4-26       Canterbury v Gunbower United      D grade at Canterbury   2006-07
Lee Evemy          7-71 & 7-62       Coles Sharks v Gunbower United    C Sunday at FP2         2007-08
Mike DeBruyckere   6-59 & 6-34       Hydro Flow v Canterbury           D grade at Cordner      2007-08
Hat Trick in Both Innings
W Richardson       4-11 & 7-4        J Kitchen & Sons v Shell Co       A grade                 1946-47
Five Wickets in Five Balls
FE King                              Shell Co.                                                 1940-41
Double Hat Trick
Geoff Stephens                       Coles Myer v Reds                 A Reserve at FP1        2001-02

Prolonged Hat Trick
From ‘Australian Wisden Cricketers Almanac 2001-02’
“But the most prolonged and involved hat-trick was perhaps when Melbourne club cricketer Stephen
Hickman, playing for 
Power House, achieved a hat-trick spread over three overs, two days, two innings,
involved the same batsman twice, and 
was observed by the same non striker, with the hat-trick ball being
bowled from the opposite end to the first two. In the 
Mercantile Cricket Association C Grade semi final
at Fawkner Park 5 South Yarra in Melbourne, Gunbower United Cricket 
Club were 8 for 109 when Hickman
came on to bowl his off spin. He took a wicket with the last ball of his third over and 
then bowled
number 11 batsman Richard Higgins with the first ball of his next over to complete the Gunbower innings,
leaving Chris Taylor the not out batsman. Power House scored 361 putting the game out of reach of
Gunbower. In the 
second innings opener Taylor was joined by Higgins at the fall of the fourth wicket as
Hickman returned to the attack. With 
his first ball, observed by an incredulous Taylor at the non-
strikers end, he clean bowled Higgins leaving Higgins with a pair 
of golden ducks.”
Most Wickets in a Season
Les Silver        72 @ 6.00          Coles                             B grade                 1964-65
Peter Muscat      63 @ 7.98          Coles                             A grade                 1988-89
A Reardon         62 @ 6.70          Brooks, Robinson and Co                                   1925-26
Long Spells
Dean McCorkell  39-17-72-5   Burnley CYMS v Power House (opened bowling) A Grade at Straw 1    2010-11
Rob Passante    35-10-77-6   Burnley CYMS v Power House (opened bowling) A grade               1993-94
Ross Attrill    35-25-29-5   Reds v Power House                          A grade SF at Cordner 1999-00

Playing Streak (games played without missing a match)
A Grade:   Alec Kahn (Reds) - 191 consecutive A Grade games, 1986-2003.
Any grade: Alec Kahn (Reds) - 236 consecutive MCA games, 1985-2005. (In a longer streak of 312 games from Reds' foundation in 1979.)

Most Wickets to Fall on the First Day of a Grand Final
30         Hydro Flow v Canterbury                                     D grade at Cordner      2007-08
26         Power House v Barnawartha North                             D grade at FP3          2004-05
23         Burnley CYMS v Hydro Flow                                   D grade at FP2          2009-10

Turf pitches were installed in Fawkner Park from 1970-1975.
In 2009-10 FP6 was renamed FP4 and Cordner Oval renamed FP3.