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Batting Partnerships

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1168 Gaurav Patel - Rajas Patankar Melbourne Falcons Cricket ClubB Sunday Grade6 1 Canterbury
2183 Andrew Hollow - Rohnan Maxwell Flemington Colts Cricket Club D Sunday Grade10 1 Maccabi AJAX
3244 William Madden - Sam Crimmins Youlden Parkville Cricket Club B Grade5 1 Burnley CYMS
4199 Shaubhik Nagpal - Sreeram Maddipatla La Trobe University Cricket ClubB Sunday Grade7 1 Indigos
5160 Satwinder Singh - Jagvir Gill Melbourne CobrasA Sunday Grade5 1 Emmanuel Sth Oakleigh
6115 Madhusudhan Reddy Katam - Rama Ganapatineedi National Cricket Club B Grade5 1 Melbourne City
7100 David Polmear - Chris Connelly South Yarra Cricket Club D Sunday Grade10 1 Carnegie
888 Stephen Rando - Jeremiah Brown Sacred Heart Cricket Club C North Grade6 1 Maccabi AJAX
9139 David Fodor - Michael Steinschulte Surrey Hills Cricket ClubC South Grade4 1 Monash University
10144 Nagendra Balaraj - Sasitharen Thularsingam Parkville District Cricket Club C Sunday Grade2 1 Melbourne Strikers

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