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Batting Partnerships

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1170 Vishwa Ramkumar - Jamie A Shepherd North Balwyn Cricket ClubB Sunday8 1 Brunswick
2216 Jay Kleinsmit - Chethan Shanthappa Carnegie Cricket Club C South1 1 Boroondara
3208 Aoun Hassan - Ahsan Shamin East Malvern Tooronga Cricket ClubD South4 1 Melbourne Strikers
4162 Arshpreet Singh - Adnan Ashraf East Malvern Tooronga Cricket ClubD South3 1 Racing Rugby Melbourne
5182 Ben Ross - Cameron Ross Canterbury Cricket ClubD Sunday4 1 Flemington Colts
6118 Gilad Lowinger - Nadav Lowinger Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club C South14 1 Boroondara
7119 Nidhruv Sivasubramaniam - Thomas Skinner Reds Cricket Club D Sunday6 1 Brunswick
8104 Shaun Buttigieg-Clarke - Jared Painter Sacred Heart Cricket Club A Reserve3 1 Youlden Parkville
9104 Soham Chopra - Warner McMahon Royal Park Reds Cricket Club C North9 1 Flemington
1093 Matthew Ainsworth - William Crossland South Yarra Cricket Club C Grade3 1 Sacred Heart

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