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1186 Jibin Thomas - Chirag Fozdar National Cricket Club C South Grade3 1 Burnley CYMS
2195 Luke Hudgson - Viplove Sharma South Yarra Cricket Club A Reserve11 1 Youlden Parkville
3165 Troy Reddell - Adam Edmondson Brighton Cricket Club D Sunday GradeGF 1 Power House
4148 Anthony Schroder - Kosilyn Pothigadu Sacred Heart Cricket Club D Grade12 1 Old Camberwell Grammarians Cricket Club
5155 Shenuka Peiris - Connor Kilpatrick Parkville District Cricket Club A Grade3 1 Yarra-United
6162 David Polmear - Bill Kelsall South Yarra Cricket Club D Sunday Grade3 1 Carnegie
7140 Jignesh Patel - Chirag Patel Sunrise Cricket ClubB Sunday Grade7 1 Clayton District
8148 Tom Sutherland - Lachlan Arneil East Malvern Tooronga Cricket ClubC Sunday Grade17 1 Moonee Valley
9229 Nirav Upadhyay - divyesh patel Sunrise Cricket ClubB Sunday Grade2 1 South Yarra
10101 Haresh Patel - Nirav Upadhyay Sunrise Cricket ClubB Sunday Grade8 1 Thornbury Turf Strokers

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