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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubA ReserveC GradeA GradeB GradeD GradeC SundayB SundayA SundayC NorthC SouthD SundayD SouthIntra-Association Rep MatchesA ReserveC GradeA GradeB GradeD GradeC SundayB SundayA SundayC NorthC SouthD SundayD SouthIntra-Association Rep Matches
A Basha, M S AmeerKingston United Cricket Club00000002000000000000200000
Abbott, CharlieBoroondara Cricket Club00000000010000000000001000
Abbott, HugoBoroondara Cricket Club00000000010000000000001000
Abdul Ravuff, NehanKingston United Cricket Club00000002000000000000200000
Abedi, MohammedCarnegie Cricket Club 04000000000300400000000030
Abeyagunawardene, DamithYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 10000000000001000000000000
Abeysekara, Lahiru LFlemington Colts Cricket Club 0000014000000000000140000000
Abeysinghe, Prabuddha GCUCC Kings00000003000000000000300000
Abhinav, AugustSouth Yarra Cricket Club 0100000000011001000000000110
Abhishek, BalarammahantiIndigos Cricket Club 0000000110000000000001100000
Adams, JamesEmerald Hill Cricket Club 00003000000000000300000000
Adams, NeilKew Cricket Club00010000000000001000000000
Adhikari, Shiva RamEmerald Hill Cricket Club 09000000100000900000010000
Aflalo, ZacharyMaccabi AJAX Cricket Club 00000120040000000012004000
Afzal, RanaReds Cricket Club 00070000000000007000000000
Agacy, Joseph MMalvern Cricket Club 0000015000000000000150000000
Agacy, LeoMalvern Cricket Club 0000012000000000000120000000
Ahamed, SalimKingston United Cricket Club00000003000000000000300000
Ahmad, AdeelEast Malvern Tooronga Cricket Club0000000000014000000000000140
Ahmed, FahadPower House Cricket Club 70000000000007000000000000
Ahmed, Mohammed FIndigos Cricket Club 00200005000000020000500000
Ahmed, WaseemMonash University Cricket Club 00000000030000000000003000
Ahmer, ZeeshanYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 10010200701001001020070100
Ahuja, UtkarshMonash University Cricket Club 00000000010000000000001000
Ainsworth, MatthewSouth Yarra Cricket Club 04280000000100428000000010
Ajgaonkar, Sanjeet AAshwood Cricket Club00000080000000000008000000
Akbarally, SalmanMonash University Cricket Club 00000004000000000000400000
Akella, Sree RaneeshYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 00001000004000000100000400
Akka, RudratejaCUCC Kings00000010000000000001000000
Alam, AdibKingston United Cricket Club00000010000000000001000000
Alcock, BradFlemington Colts Cricket Club 0000000000130000000000001300
Alcock, GregFlemington Colts Cricket Club 00000000001000000000000100
Alcock, TysonFlemington Colts Cricket Club 0000000000140000000000001400
Alderson, AdamParkville District Cricket Club 3000313000000030003130000000
Aldridge, JoshuaYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 00004000001000000400000100
Aldridge, RodYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 0002112002000000021120020000
Aldridge, William TYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 0002111001000000021110010000
Alev, KenanSouth Yarra Cricket Club 0015000000000000150000000000
Ali, FarhanThornbury Turf Strokers Cricket Club 0000061000000000000610000000
Ali, WajidReds Cricket Club 00040000000000004000000000
Allamneni, Sai SandeepMonash University Cricket Club 00000100000000000010000000
Allan, BrentonBrunswick Cricket Club0000001000000000000010000000
Allan, OscarRoyal Park Reds Cricket Club 00000000100000000000010000
Allen, BrendanKew Cricket Club00080000000000008000000000
Allen, JackKew Cricket Club0001000000000000010000000000
Alley, AdrianBarnawartha North Cricket Club 00001000000000000100000000
Almond, HughYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 00000500000000000050000000
Amarant, Zach KKew Cricket Club00020000000000002000000000
Ambade, Ashutosh HEmerald Hill Cricket Club 0120000003000001200000030000
Ambade, Himanshu HEmerald Hill Cricket Club 0120000003000001200000030000