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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubA ReserveC GradeA GradeB GradeD GradeC SundayB SundayA SundayC NorthC SouthD SundayB South/EastA ReserveC GradeA GradeB GradeD GradeC SundayB SundayA SundayC NorthC SouthD SundayB South/East
Abbas, MohsinThornbury Turf Strokers Cricket Club 000000000100000000000100
Abedi, MohammedCarnegie Cricket Club 010000000000010000000000
Aflalo, ZacharyMaccabi AJAX Cricket Club 000001000000000001000000
Aga, AdilSouth Yarra Cricket Club 000010000000000010000000
Agacy, Joseph MMalvern Cricket Club 000000000001000000000001
Agacy, LeoMalvern Cricket Club 000000000001000000000001
Ahmed, FaisalThornbury Turf Strokers Cricket Club 000000000100000000000100
Ahmer, ZeeshanYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000000001000000000001000
Ahuja, NamanNational Cricket Club 001000000000001000000000
Ainsworth, MatthewSouth Yarra Cricket Club 100000000000100000000000
Akbarally, SalmanMonash University Cricket Club 000000010000000000010000
Akella, Sree RaneeshYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000010000000000010000000
Aldridge, RodYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000000100000000000100000
Aldridge, William TYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000100000000000100000000
Alfred, KingstonPower House Cricket Club 000001000000000001000000
Ali, Hamza SIndigos Cricket Club 000000010000000000010000
Allen, JarrodYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000100000000000100000000
Almond, HughYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000000100000000000100000
Amin, VanshPower House Cricket Club 010000000000010000000000
Antipas, DionAshwood Cricket Club000000000100000000000100
Arora, GauravYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000000000010000000000010
Arora, RahilCarnegie Cricket Club 010000000000010000000000
Arvind, KrisSouth Yarra Cricket Club 000000000100000000000100
Aryavir, ShauryaRoyal Park Reds Cricket Club 001000000000001000000000
Austerberry, JayGunbower United Cricket Club 010000000000010000000000
Avadhani, AbhaySouth Yarra Cricket Club 000000000100000000000100
Babu, SabarishPower House Cricket Club 010000000100010000000100
Badri, Hemanth RMonash University Cricket Club 000000000100000000000100
Bagi, VinodYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000000100000000000100000
Bahra, PardeepFlemington Colts Cricket Club 000000001000000000001000
Bajaj, BharatPower House Cricket Club 000000000100000000000100
Baker, JoelEmerald Hill Cricket Club 001000000000001000000000
Balaraman, ThejasSouth Yarra Cricket Club 010000000000010000000000
Bampton, DillonFlemington Colts Cricket Club 100000000000100000000000
Banova, Gregory VYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000000001000000000001000
Barlow, JackEmerald Hill Cricket Club 000000001000000000001000
Barr, EliMaccabi AJAX Cricket Club 000000000001000000000001
Bazaz, ArvindYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 100000000000100000000000
Bellotti, MattCarnegie Cricket Club 000000000100000000000100
Bestha, RameshYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000010000000000010000000
Betts, Adrian LYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000100001000000100001000
Bhagat, KiranCarnegie Cricket Club 000000000100000000000100
Bhardwaj, NityamEmerald Hill Cricket Club 010000000000010000000000
Bhargava, RohitSouth Yarra Cricket Club 100000000000100000000000
Bhosle, MedhanshYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000000000010000000000010
Bhosle, ShivrajYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 000000000010000000000010
Bienert, JoshuaMalvern Cricket Club 000000000001000000000001
Bingley, BillSouth Yarra Cricket Club 000000000100000000000100
Black, JulianSouth Yarra Cricket Club 001000000000001000000000
Bobba, PrasanthNational Cricket Club 010000000000010000000000