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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubA ReserveC GradeA GradeB GradeD GradeC Sunday GradeB Sunday GradeA Sunday GradeC North GradeC South GradeD Sunday GradeD SouthA ReserveC GradeA GradeB GradeD GradeC Sunday GradeB Sunday GradeA Sunday GradeC North GradeC South GradeD Sunday GradeD South
Aaron, Ze'evMaccabi AJAX Cricket Club 000000200000000000200000
Aavunoori, SridharBurnley C.Y.M.S Cricket Club000000000010000000000010
Abassi, TouseefLa Trobe University Cricket Club000000000020000000000020
Abbas, GhulamLa Trobe University Cricket Club000000000010000000000010
Abbas, Muhammad JCharles Sturt University00000102000000000010200000
Abbott, IhaiaPower House Cricket Club 00020160000000002016000000
Abdul Ravuff, NehanCarnegie United Cricket Club000000100000000000100000
Abraham, AlanRichmond Cricket Club00000001200000000000120000
Abrol, SumitIndigos Cricket Club 000000001000000000001000
Adams, Daniel BEast Doncaster Cricket Club000000000101000000000101
Adams, JamesEmerald Hill Cricket Club 000070000000000070000000
Adamson, William JRoyal Park Reds Cricket Club 200000000000200000000000
Adhikari, Shiva RamEmerald Hill Cricket Club 000290000000000290000000
Adhya, SubhajitMelbourne City Cricket Club 030000000000030000000000
Adiraju, Sai Venkata AIndigos Cricket Club 108000002000108000002000
aerthayil, prince bMelbourne Falcons Cricket Club000100000000000100000000
Aflalo, ZacharyMaccabi AJAX Cricket Club 00000000000160000000000016
Agacy, JosephMalvern Cricket Club 00000000014000000000001400
Agacy, LeoMalvern Cricket Club 00000000011000000000001100
Aggarwal, RishabhOld Camberwell Grammarians Cricket Club00000001100000000000110000
Aggarwal, YatinGunbower United Cricket Club 000140000000000140000000
Agulla, SatyanathCharles Sturt University00000114000000000011400000
Ahmad, AdeelEast Malvern Tooronga Cricket Club00000000000160000000000016
Ahmad, MushtaqMelbourne Ramblers Inc.00000001000000000000100000
Ahmed, AzharIndigos Cricket Club 00000000170000000000017000
Ahmed, BilalDonvale Cricket Club000000000040000000000040
Ahmed, DanialMelbourne Ramblers Inc.00000001900000000000190000
Ahmed, EmtiyazParkville District Cricket Club 000000005000000000005000
Ahmed, FahadPower House Cricket Club 000100000000000100000000
Ahmed, ForhadParkville District Cricket Club 000900007000000900007000
Ahmed, HasanDonvale Cricket Club000000000020000000000020
Ahmed, IjazMelbourne Cobras000000020000000000020000
Ahmed, IshtiaqueMonash University Cricket Club 000000000001000000000001
Ahsan, RomailParkville District Cricket Club 200101001000200101001000
Ajgaonkar, SanjeetAshwood Cricket Club00000018000000000001800000
Akmal, MohammadMelbourne Falcons Cricket Club01020000000000102000000000
Akram, FarooqLa Trobe University Cricket Club000000002020000000002020
Alam, RafiLa Trobe University Cricket Club000000000010000000000010
Alcock, BradFlemington Colts Cricket Club 00001600000200000160000020
Alcock, TysonFlemington Colts Cricket Club 00001600000400000160000040
Aldridge, RodYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 00000000001700000000000170
Aldridge, WilliamYoulden Parkville Cricket Club 00000000001700000000000170
Alev, KenanSouth Yarra Cricket Club 10230000000001023000000000
Alexander, MillsCanterbury Cricket Club000000000300000000000300
Alexander, MillsCanterbury Cricket Club000000000100000000000100
Alfasi, ChaseMaccabi AJAX Cricket Club 000000300000000000300000
Ali, AbbasMonash University Cricket Club 000003200001000003200001
Ali, AhsenMelbourne Ramblers Inc.000000000020000000000020
Ali, FahadCharles Sturt University00000020000000000002000000
Ali, FarhanThornbury Turf Strokers Cricket Club 00000120000600000012000060